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Mylk with a Y: A Real-Time Drama

Mylk with a Y. So edgy. So modern. So elusive! What is it, exactly?

To find out, we’re going to go on this journey together. I don’t yet know what it is, but I’m about to Google it. First…I take you back. It was the summer of 2020, COVID was rampant, and my husband and I escaped to Aspen with our dogs….

When I first spotted Mylk, I believe I was in the world-renowned ski destination with husband, Corey. We were at a juice bar (JUS) in the downtown area, and one of their products with a creamy light pink color had the word “Mylk” in the name. I assumed it was a word that JUS had trademarked for one of their most healthiest of bevvies, and moved along.

But then, I kept seeing it. Mylk with a Y here, mylk with a Y there. I tried this Sakara meal plan for a few days last year, and one of their breakfasts featured a strawberry mylk. Then, recently, a friend informed me that Daily Harvest sells their own concentrated, frozen mylk. At this point, I was starting to sense that Mylk with a Y is super healthy – only super-ist of foods earn the honor to don that moniker.

My intrigue culminated a few weeks prior to writing this post. We were staying at an Airbnb in Park Slope, Brooklyn, biding our time until our apartment lease started, when I visited a modern juice and coffee bar just outside our front door, called Lively (not the Blake version). They had mylk with a y, but a creamy, baby blue version. And now I’m thinking…mylk with a y can be blue?! What kind of health food voodoo is this?!

I finally googled it. Just now. Urban Dictionary describes “Mylk” as “An alternatively spelled word used to describe plant derived “milks”, like from soy, almonds, coconuts, peanuts, cashew, hemp, sesame, etc.”

That’s IT?! It’s a word that encapsulates the entire vegan milk market?

Well, now I feel silly.

Perhaps this post can still teach you, the reader, SOMETHING. Like, how did Lively turn their mylk blue? Just googled it, and it’s due to a blue-green algae that’s rich in the antioxidant physcocyanin (Notice the word “cyan” in “physcocyanin”? Designer-speak for highlighter blue.) Good to know! Thank you for going on this word journey with me.