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A nicely created Amazon listing improves searchability and consumer confidence in your brand, resulting in higher sales.

Learn the Lingo

Carousel Imagery

The collection of 4-8 images and/or videos at the top of your listing

Carousel imagery consists of the images that introduce your product to the consumer, and the first image in this collection should be a simple product image that fills the frame.

Brand Story

A recent addition to the Amazon product listing, appearing right above A+ content

The Brand Story contains a neutral background and is a horizontally scrolling carousel that contains modules of brand heritage and messaging as well as inventory.

A+ Content

Content that is laid out below the fold of an Amazon listing

A+ content is a way to add even more information to an Amazon listing, including enhanced product descriptions, use cases, and high quality lifestyle imagery. This component promotes searchability and higher conversion rates.

Store Front

Your brand’s very own Amazon webpage

Think of the store front as your website’s homepage, but on the Amazon platform. A link to a brand’s storefront lies just below the main product name on a product listing page. The Store Front should contain messaging similar to that of a website homepage, with links to specific product listings sprinkled throughout.

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Digitized Product Mockups

No photography? No problem! We can create beautiful Digitized Product Mockups for your Amazon listing.