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A Delicious Cure for Holiday Gift Paralysis

Buying Christmas gifts seems to get tougher every year. As me and my family members get older, we’re more able to buy the things we want for ourselves, and with fast shipping services, we can even get them within a few days of ordering.

That is why my new modus operandi is to gift packaged food. Not only are you gifting something that everyone needs (we all gotta eat), but it’s an opportunity to introduce your loved one to their new favorite food product.

Here are other reasons why I love gifting packaged food:

  • It won’t go to waste. How many weird random gifts have we all received over the years? And while any gift may be super thoughtful, it’s important for the planet, and our pocketbooks, that they actually get used. Food will always get used (unless the giftee shoves it to the back of a cabinet, of course, but that’s on them).
  • Your gift would help support small food businesses!
  • You can cater the food to your giftee’s diet for an even more personal touch. Is the person in question gluten intolerant? Tate’s Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies. Do they have a sweet tooth, but are trying to cut back on sugar? Barnana’s Peanut Butter Dipped Banana Bites. Are they a coffee snob? Any of Queen City’s coffee beans (plus a nice grinder if they don’t have one).

  • You can spend as much, or as little as you’d like. If you’re wanting to spend over $200, consider a basket of food or a subscription box. If you’re wanting to spend under $15, try a box of Magic Spoon’s high protein cereal, or an adaptagenic trail mix. How’s that for gifting on a budget?!

  • Really nicely packaged food from small mom and pop shops usually has exquisite packaging, so your gift is gonna look good [cool sunglasses emoji].
  • And to round out the list, here’s my last point – it can even be holiday themed! Try gourmet marshmallows from Magical Mallow and Cacao Bliss so your giftee can make delicious (yet somewhat healthy) hot chocolate. Or Kettle Head Popcorn, because Christmas has always said “gourmet popcorn”, for some odd reason.

Before I go, here are some other gems that would make great gifts. Please note that I’m choosing shelf stable treats without temperature constraints. If you’re not afraid of shipping something frozen, Daily Harvest smoothies make an amazing gift, and it’s super healthy. But local ice cream would be even better (shout out to Revolution Ice Pops & Gelato).

For the marga-holic: Bits ‘n Pieces Main Squeeze Chile Limón Salt and Lime ‘n Pepper Dry Rub for rimming margarita glasses.

For the charcuterie buff: Elevation Meats Artisan Salumis.

For a chip fiend: Torres Iberian Ham Chips

For those with poptart nostalgia: Bobo’s Toaster Pastries

For a cocktail lover with an affinity towards sparkling beverages: Tingala Sparkling Liquor

For a major foodie: Gift Card to a Specialty Market, like Marczyk Fine Foods 

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