Brace yourselves…color is one of my favorite topics, so this could end up being a novella.

This past holiday, Corey and I traveled to India for a wedding, and then Morocco for a week afterwards. If there was one thing I was looking the most forward to, it was the colors. Since I can remember, color has played a major role in my life. You know those random associations that your brain makes, from childhood? When I say random, I truly mean random, like the fact that watery sour cream makes me think of my Aunt Jean, due to the time I remember her stirring the sour cream before serving it, hence eliminating the shallow puddle of milky water. Genius!

Anyways, I’ve been tracking these random associations on a note in my phone. A few weeks ago, I typed “mauve makes me think of Brenda Bochhart”. Brenda was my babysitter from about age 7 to age 9. The one thing I remember about Brenda, was that her favorite color was mauve. Brenda must’ve been super ahead of the times, because pale, gray-tinted shades of color (such as mauve), are super hip these days. Here, I could go off on a tangent about how specific shades of color define certain decades, and what I think those colors are for each decade, but I will restrain myself. This post is about my relationship with color after all, not decade specifics.

So, being a color fiend, I have always been drawn to the Moroccan and Indian culture. Both countries are actually known for their wares – Morocco is a tile mecca, and India touts brightly colored clothing and hand-woven rugs. I couldn’t wait to be inspired.

Towards the beginning of the India trip, I kept noticing colors I’m already super drawn to – pale baby blues, magentas, navys, and emeralds. Jaipur, the first city we stayed in, is called “pink city” because a majority of the town was constructed using pink clay, which, realistically, is more of a corally-orange color. Still, it was magnificent, and created a nice contrast with the bright blue sky.

When the wedding festivities commenced, it wasn’t the colors themselves, but the color combinations that I found most interesting, especially on the women’s saris. The most unexpected marriage of the entire trip (no pun intended) was primary orange and primary green. Together with gold, this palette was really lovely, and probably the most common color combination for Indian wedding attire. On the last night, an entire family was wearing outfits cut from the same cloth in shades of midnight blue and poppy red – that was stunning. And my outfit for the second day was celery green with fire engine red. Morocco was full of a similar color palette (bright and unexpected), except I saw less pale pinks and more shades of beige.

Putting so much thought into color this past month, I’ve started thinking recently about my favorite colors. Whenever I get asked that question, it’s so hard for me to answer. I used to say “gold” because my last name was “Goldsmith” and it was my jewelry metal of choice. But once I started decorating our house, I noticed myself using a lot of blues and pinks. So are those my favorite colors? Being a designer, there probably isn’t a color that I don’t like. Any color is appropriate when used in the proper application. And when a color palette is thoughtfully chosen, it can evoke a specific emotion from the viewer. But for the sake of posterity, I’m going to post four of my favorite colors, as garments worn by celebrities.

Actress Nicole Kidman and actor Tom Cruise attend the 69th Annual Academy Awards on March 24, 1997 at Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Ron Galella, Ltd./WireImage)

Citron Yellow: I realized that, the day we were given our five Indian wedding outfits (yes, FIVE!) I had really been hoping for something in a similar shade that Nicole Kidman wore to the 1997 Oscars – brassy yellow with a hint of green, which I have named Citron Yellow.

Cotton Candy Pink: I used to veer away from pink because I found it too feminine, but isn’t slowly becoming my favorite color. I especially love bright pops of pink, as seen on Gemma Chan at the 2019 Oscars.

Millennial Pink: I love pink so much, that’s getting two hues in my top four list. I know that this shade might not even constitute as pink – it’s more of a peach color. But if you google “Millennial Pink” a swath of light pink to light peachy-pink hues crop up. I love how warm and inviting this shade of color is, which is probably why it’s defined modern times. Here is an article that explains the phenomenon of this hue, if you’re interested!

Ultramarine Blue: Yes, I watch Fuller House – you now know my deepest, darkest secret. I love this outfit DJ wore in one of the episodes, even if it is just a tank top and jeans. I just love this color SO SO much, I get lost in it. Bobby Berk even has this color at the top of his list for 2020 Interior Design Trends. Apparently this shade of blue was invented in the 1950’s by a painter. It’s so fascinating to think that colors can be invented…they don’t just exist? I wonder what colors we have yet to invent!

This concludes the first of many posts about color; I could devote an entire blog to the subject – I still haven’t even touched on color as it relates to food labeling and packaging! So, until next time…