Since when did I start wanting a black, gray, and white plaid blazer?

Since I saw all of these rocker chic influencers wearing them on Pinterest. They were always paired with a vintage rocker t-shirt and metallic booties (I hate the word “booties”). To the point where I stopped wanting a black, gray, and white plaid blazer because it felt too unoriginal. The only thing I could think to pair it with was a vintage rocker t-shirt. (Which I actually have now, Thanks Sam! I’m against wearing anything “rocker” unless it’s a hand-me-down of some sort.)

It’s been a few years since those emotional Pins, and the bg&w plaid blazer is working its way back onto my wish list. It’s definitely peaked into my life before these two examples, happened, but these are the only two I can remember…

Nicole Kidman’s bw&g plaid blazer in Episode 2 of The Undoing, paired with the beige turtleneck and a messy braid, was the perfect outfit for staring longingly into the river behind her family’s wooded, upstate home.

Then, Kaley Cuoco donned a long version (please comment if there is a name for this style of coat), on Episode 4 of Flight Attendant. Is this blazer following me?