Group of 5 Offbeat Peanut Butter Jars stacked

OffBeat Butters


OffBeat is an O.G. at Gold Spark! We developed this brand circle 2015, for husband and wife duo, JJ and Erika Peterson. They also own the Clean Simple Eats line, and are doing some pretty incredible things with both brands, including concocting mouth-watering recipes with these all-natural, creatively flavored nut butters.

The name is OffBeat, because they “rock the clean eating scene by mixing healthy and natural ingredients with unique flavor combos”, and they needed a loud brand to go with it.

We went with a “graffiti” approach – watercolor splashed backgrounds with graffiti-style text, and watercolor flavor imagery. Not to mention, the half-white half-black background that cleverly matches the look of their sister brand, Clean Simple Eats

Group photo by Slade Photography.
Candy Bar photo by Erika Peterson with OBB.

Offbeat Butters Candy Bar Jar and Spoon dipped in peanut butter